Getting used to the Cleaning Routine

Let’s be honest! When it comes to cleaning most of us can become really lazy and dread the idea. By nature we are procrastinators and just don’t want to clean. Don’t worry though, because there are a few tips that can help make cleaning much more enjoyable, and the best part, they are quick and easy!

cleaning kitchen and bathroom


The kitchen is the best place to start off, because most people tend to need the kitchen to sparkle. It’s where food is prepared and no one wants guests to come over and see a dirty cooking area. If you want a more effective way to clean your dishes in the dishwasher try adding a few tablespoons of vinegar directly to the dishwashing detergent. This makes it much easier to remove unwanted grease and leave dishes spotless. For the oven try some salt. As soon as you spill something sprinkle a little salt on it, and once it has cooled down wipe it away using a damp sponge. Have you ever tried using toothpaste in the kitchen? No I’m not crazy! Let me explain, if you where to rub a little on the black marks on your floor before you mop up, your floor will come out spotless. To finish off the kitchen, sprinkle a little Borax directly at the bottom of your garbage can to eliminate all horrible odors.

Next step, Bathroom! You can use Vinegar to clean up your shower curtain really easily. Lemon oil for shower doors, because it will remove all the nasty buildup and postpone any future buildup. Now the worst possible thing you can clean in the house, the toilet! Pour Lysol directly into the bowl and let it soak. Use this time to clean the seats and all the nasty areas around the outside of the bowl with bacterial wipe. After that dry it off with a dry cloth, scrub the bowl and flush. It’s as simple as that. It’s actually all in your head. When you actually do it, you will realize that it’s not so bad.

Now if you were to apply these awesome, simple, easy and quick cleaning tips you will find that cleaning your house doesn’t take long at all. In the end you will have a sparkling home for all your guests to see, if you still don’t want to do it yourself than you can always hire a professional, like us, to come clean it for you.

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